I would like to share with you all a little life project which officially began at midnight on New years eve.

I am calling it Meg’s RLRPG

But first…….

Here’s a few things I know about myself :

  1. I am incredibly Driven
  2. I am fascinated by everything!
  3. I always have a million projects going on all at once
  4. I work in Games Development.
  5. I am never satisfied
  6. I am incredibly impatient
  7. I never feel like I can commit to one Goal in life.


So I decided in November 2017 that I needed to find some way of focusing myself. There are sooooo many things I want to complete, to master, to experience and in the chaos very little gets actually achieved. This to me isn’t good enough. Having survived a brain tumour in my 20’s I am very aware of how little time on earth we all have and I want to experience and achieve more!


So why not make life a GAME:

This is when I came up with my Quest. My favourite type of games are RPG’S, I love the exploration and the levelling up. So why not create one for my own life where I am the main character??

Isn’t that what little girls dream of being… the Lara Croft of their own life.

People make bucket lists all the time. But I wanted to take it further! I wrote a list of 100 quests. Things that I want to see and do with my life. Ignoring how hard some might be or how difficult to achieve. I just wrote everything down.

Then I took it further, like only crazy people do πŸ™‚

I added side quests to each quest. – When I go to the galapagos Islands I get bonus XP for taking photos of specific animals.

I also get multiplier XP for completing all objectives in an individual quest.

I sat with a very talented Level designer and worked out the maths behind the xp and a progressive Levelling system for my whole game. (Very handy having talented games developers as friends)

Here are My levels. They reflect all my childhood role models:

levels Level name
1 Useless Human
2 Emergent Lemming
3 Inquisitive Failure
4 Unique flower
5 Hobbit out the door
6 Mulan in the Making
7 Charlies angel
8 Arya gonna finish this
9 Katniss everquesting
10 Buffy the slayer of boredom
11 Bond Girl
12 Crouching Tigress
13 She RA
14 Alanna epic as F***
15 Trinity mkii
16 Dungeon Raider
17 Valkyrie
18 Warrior Princess
19 Ambassador for earth
20 Tomb Raider

So the quest items and levelling system were complete.

But obviously this still wasn’t enough. (did i mention i’m never satisfied.)

All RPG’s have player attributes. I chose mine. Body(constitution), Mind, Intelligence, agility and charisma

To be able to start each of my quest items I would need to achieve the minimum personal attribute scores.

For example if i want to begin the Everest base camp quest item. I need some pretty high attribute scores. Which makes sense because this is a tough quest item and I would gain a huge chunk of xp for completing it πŸ™‚

Here’s the minimum requirements for the Everest trip:


Mind Constitution Intelligence Charisma Agility
8 9 7 5 6


So I worked out (being very honest with myself) what my current scores are for each attribute

And came up that I currently am:Β 


Mind Constitution Intelligence Charisma Agility
4 4 7 6 6


Not enough to begin this quest. 😦  though probably for the best as i’m currently very unfit.

I would need to start gaining body and mind points!

So I came up with a list of things that would allow me to gain points in each area.

For example I decided that if I work out 3 times a week for 3 months straight I gain 1 body point.

If I meditate every day for 60 days I get a Mind point.

If i miss a day I have to start all over from the beginning again. (tough right)

But by doing this I am creating habits and a healthy lifestyle, whilst at the same time earning points which help drive me πŸ™‚

To make this a lifelong game I put in the added difficulty that at the end of each year I will automatically lose 2 points off all my attributes; so I will always need to be working hard to better myself.

Now what about an element of chance to the game??

I can start as many quests as my money and attributes will allow but lets make some mandatory!

I grouped my 100 quests into 3 groups: simple, medium and hard.

Then I wrote out the quest numbers on paper and put them in 3 opaque bags.

On New years eve I pulled a quest from each bag.

The simple task I have to complete in 3 months

The medium quest I have to complete in 6 months

The Hard quest I must complete within 2.5 years

(I’ve no idea why some are named simple as most are at best challenging :D)


So… Hello! My names Meg and within 3 months I have to buy a camera (which will be great to help document all my trips) Within 6 months I have to sell a piece of my art for over 2k. And within 2.5 years I had best be showing you all photos of my trip to the Arctic.