Quest 45. Become a Wreck Diver

Progress Report    So in early February I became a qualified Openwater Diver with dry suit speciality. It was both incredibly challenging and amazingly awesome. The water was a toasty 4 degrees and when on the second qualifying dive my dry suit failed and icy water flooded in i really didn't know if i could… Continue reading Quest 45. Become a Wreck Diver


Freelance, Moving and new toys

It’s been a crazy month, I've moved out of the city and back to the Scarborough seaside. I needed to see some crashing waves and trees rather than office blocks.   Until this point I was working full-time at Pixel Bomb Games and then taking on freelance work on the side. Slowly working towards building a… Continue reading Freelance, Moving and new toys


Art Resources

As promised here is a list of resources: Books I Own Creative Illustration – Andrew Loomis Figure Drawing for all its worth- Andrew Loomis Basic Perspective Drawing a visual approach- John Montague Colour and Light – James Gurney Imaginative Realism- James Gurney Light for Visual Artists: Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design. -… Continue reading Art Resources


The Soulkeeper

I was very fortunate last year to join an amazing development team.  www.helm-systems.com I can’t share too much information at this point but The Soulkeeper is an RPG I’m very excited to be working on. My fellow developers boast incredible resumes:  Gears of War 3", "Unreal Tournament 3", "Darksiders", "Silent Hill: Origins" ,“ Dreamworks ”,… Continue reading The Soulkeeper