Quest 45. Become a Wreck Diver

Progress Report    So in early February I became a qualified Openwater Diver with dry suit speciality. It was both incredibly challenging and amazingly awesome. The water was a toasty 4 degrees and when on the second qualifying dive my dry suit failed and icy water flooded in i really didn't know if i could… Continue reading Quest 45. Become a Wreck Diver


The Soulkeeper

I was very fortunate last year to join an amazing development team.  www.helm-systems.com I can’t share too much information at this point but The Soulkeeper is an RPG I’m very excited to be working on. My fellow developers boast incredible resumes:  Gears of War 3", "Unreal Tournament 3", "Darksiders", "Silent Hill: Origins" ,“ Dreamworks ”,… Continue reading The Soulkeeper